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Citizenship application duration drastically increased by migration admin law “loophole”

The queues for Swedish citizenship are growing and applicants can now be forced to wait several years for a decision from the Swedish Migration...

Is Sweden’s no-fly movement just media hype?

Swedish environmental activist Greta Thunberg refuses to travel by plane. Media coverage would have us believe it's a movement that has spread across Sweden...

Blood shortages worsen as knife stabbings increase

Health centres in Sweden say they are running low on blood reserves as more stabbings were recorded this weekend in Gothenburg. The blood shortages comes...

‘Being in nature is very much a part of Swedish culture’

Writes Andrea Sachs  The message travelled down a quiet country road in the Swedish province of Smaland, from the mouth of the chef to the...

Blood shortage fears after recent increase in knife attacks

Sweden is bracing for blood shortages with cities and municipalities calling for more donors attributing the looming shortages to recent knife attacks and holidays. Observers...

Crew in captured Swedish tanker in Iran mentally stressed

The crew in the Swedish tanker sailing under a British flag that was captured in Iran has spoken for the first time, revealing through...

Sweden works on rebuilding “total defense system” in times of crisis

Everyone above 16 can be called in to assist in times of crisis

At least 4000 Swedes get microchips inserted in bodies, no need...

The technology was introduced in 2015 in Sweden

King Carl XVI Gustaf, PM console families of plane crash victims

Government wants authorities to get to the bottom of the matter but they say it will take long

Abusive, teasing parents nurture bullies : Study

A new study has revealed that parents who tease their children or are condescending are likely to have their children become bullies or victims...