US rapper claims he acted in self-defense

Detained US rapper A$AP Rocky has pleaded not guilty to assault at his trial in Sweden and said he acted in self-defence.

Rocky’s arrest and subsequent charge has sparked a diplomatic row between the US and Sweden after government again snubbed Trump’s overtures.

He was arrested on 3 July along with three other people following a fight in Stockholm on 30 June.

The American artist faces up to two years in jail if found guilty.

His lawyer Slobodan Jovicic said: “He admits that he threw the plaintiff on the ground, that he stepped on his arm and punched or pushed his shoulder,” Slobodan Jovicic said but claimed it was all an act of self-defence.

In amateur videos he published, the young man, the victim, can be seen arguing with the musician over a pair of headphones and the artist appears to repeatedly ask the man and his friend to stop following him and his entourage. One of the young men can also be seen hitting the artist’s bodyguard.

A separate investigation into the plaintiff was dropped with prosecutors saying his actions were in self-defence.

Despite the rapper’s own plea of self-defence, prosecutor Daniel Suneson decided to press assault charges against the musician and two members of his entourage on 25 July, stating that he believed what happened still amounted to a crime.

Meanwhile, Sweden Prime Minister Stefan Löfven has snubbed US President Donald Trump again saying there is no reason for dialogue with the US in this particular case.

He said the Swedish judicial system is not negotiable.

“I am proud that we have a legal system where a prime minister cannot influence a legal case”, Löfven was quoted as saying.

“It doesn’t matter who’s calling or tweeting”, he added in apparent reference to Trump’s tweets and calls.

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