Scary moment as woman wake up in hotel room with snake on her arm


Melinda Major was enjoying her morning sleep when she felt something she thought was her husband’s touch.

Major from Nashville, was sleeping in her hotel room awaiting a doctor’s appointment in Memphis, Tennessee, Friday morning when she felt something moving around on her arm.

She opened her eyes to a scary thing, it was a thin, green garden snake stretched out across her arm.

The woman said she immediately jumped up and slung the snake off her arm, it hit the headboard and bounced back onto the bed before jumped onto the other bed in the room and snapped a picture.

Major said the snake started moving under the blankets and she jumped out to call the front office desk.

Hotel staff soon came up to her room and escorted her out, and Major said that the manager went back into the room shortly after and called pest control.

She however said she has been a regular at the hotel and will not stop because of the scary incident, praising the front office for swift reaction.

“As horrified as I am of snakes, they acted on it quickly,” she said. “They were very helpful.”


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