A man will rue the day he posted an ‘anti-French’ sentiment on his Facebook page after authorities refused to extend his residency permit.

The 31-year-old Moroccan man had his application turned down for an extension to his residency permit by the Préfecture de Police, responsible for handling the carte de séjour applications for people living in Paris, in July 2018, but he had appealed that decision.

However, the Court of Appeal upheld the refusal by his local préfecture to extend the man’s titre de séjour residency permit.

According to the Court of Appeal, the man’s comments on Facebook posed a “threat to public order”.

He has now been ordered to leave the country within one month as his Facebook account revealed an “anti-Western, conspiratorial and anti-French social discourse”.

He had also published on Facebook a photograph of a handgun as well as “photographs of women taken without their knowledge on public transport or in public space”.

The man was known to police, and had been arrested while in France, but was never charged with a crime.

Recently, Facebook committed to working closely with French authorities in disclosing the details of users who post racist, homophobic or anti-Semitic content.

One of the conditions for French citizenship is for people to prove that they are fully integrated into French life and uphold French values.

And the authorities have the discretion to turn down anyone they don’t feel is sufficiently integrated.


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