Cricket has proved to be the fastest growing sport in Sweden and that has been attributed to keen interest in the sport by migrants from across Asia.

In Malmo, the sport is helping refugees from Afghanistan integrate into their new home.

Also for the players, it is also a chance to break through social boundaries and speak their already-fluent Swedish.

Indians, Pakistanis are said to have been the catalysts to the growth of cricket in the country.

From a dozen or so teams five years ago, the country now has more than 70 clubs.

Zaker Taqawi, a migrant who is so into professional cricket says the sport has made it simple for him and other migrants to feel belonging to society.

Others said it is difficult to walk out to speak Swedish in the streets but the sport was helping them to comfortably speak and learn more.

Cricket was also key in keeping the teenagers busy and away from criminal activities or drug abuse.


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