Blood shortages worsen as knife stabbings increase

Health centres in Sweden say they are running low on blood reserves as more stabbings were recorded this weekend in Gothenburg.

The blood shortages comes as authorities fear the increase of knife attacks in the country were reaching dangerous levels after two fatal stabbings including one incident that occurred at the Nordstan shopping centre on Saturday.

A suspect believed to be 21 has since been arrested in connection with the murder together with his 24-year-old accomplice.

Locals say the stabbings are becoming more dangerous due to the rise in drug abuse and violence.

Last week, healthcare professionals in the city called on residents through SMS texts to donate blood due to the shortages.

According to Mikael Rying, a criminologist at the police’s National Operational Department (NOA), deadly knife crime has increased across Sweden to levels rivalling those of the 1990s.

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