No barbacue this weekend for many as authorities issue weather warnings


Sweden authorities have banned barbecue and weather warnings have been issued as the country swelters in a Nordic heatwave.

Weather records have been broken and in some countries, there have been fears of death.

Temperatures of 30C across most of Sweden were recorded on Thursday and Friday and likely to persist into the weekend.

Authorities say one of the reasons barbecue has been banned is fear of wildfires spreading in this summer weather.

There is greater risk and likelihood of forest fires, due to a combination of heat and dry weather.

Fire bans are in place in several locations across Sweden, including in Stockholm, Skåne, Blekinge, Gotland and Jämtland.

SMHI meteorologist Emelie Karlsson said it was going to get really hot in many places with the temperatures at 30C.

“The highest temperatures will be in eastern Norrland, Värmland, northwest Götaland and eastern Svealand,” Karlsson was quoted as saying.

There were reports that heat records have already been broken in Ljusnedal in Härjedalen with central-northern Sweden, recording its hottest temperature in 93 years when it reached 29.4C on Thursday.

Tropical nights were recorded on four islands and two spots in Örebro county on Thursday night more tropical nights were forecast for Friday night along parts of the Norrland coast and West Coast.

Authorities have issued Class 1 warnings for very high temperatures along the Norrbotten coast and in Västerbotten, Västernorrland, Uppsala, Västmanland, Södermanland and Stockholm County.

They say it will be hot throughout the country, not just in the areas that have Class 1 warnings.



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