World football stars survive knife attack in London carjacking attempt


German football star Mesut Ozil and his Arsenal teammate Sead Kolasinac, on Thursday survived a knife attack as robbers threatened to kill them in a carjacking attempt in north London.

The players have since confirmed they are safe after a video of them facing off with the muggers went viral.

Ozil and Kolasinac were on a day out when they were attacked by the masked muggers around 5pm while driving around in a black Mercedes G-Class.

ATTACKKolasinac shielding Ozil and his wife from the muggers 

Ozil’s wife, Amine Gulse, a former Miss Turkey who he wedded recently, was reportedly in the car at the time.

The attackers surrounded the vehicle before Kolasinac leapt out and swung punches at the knife yielding  attackers before he got back into the car and Ozil sped off.

However, the muggers did not give up and followed the players through the mansion-lined streets of north London in a high-speed pursuit that lasted for more than a mile.

The Argentine star overtook traffic on the wrong side of the road as the robbers followed them, pelting their vehicle in the process.

Kolasinac is said to have called a nearby Turkish restaurant where they are regulars where they drove to and jumped out.

Kolasinac later took to Twitter and posted a picture with the caption  ‘Think we’re all fine’.

Witnesses said Ozil,30, looked ‘terrified’ as he jumped out of his car with Kolasinac at the Likya Turkish restaurant.

He had just brought a new watch before the attack, according to reports.

CCTV footage captured before the chase shows Kolasinac squaring up to and rushing at a robber.

Kolasinac’s fearless defence of his teammate is unsurprising to many Gunners fans who saw how Ozil took the Bosnian under his wing when he joined the north London club in 2017.

The pair have been friends since their teenage years, when Kolasinac looked up to the five-years-older Ozil when they were both at German side Schalke 04.

Ozil and Kolasinac had only returned to London the day before after a successful pre-season tour in America.



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