A love for hot-tub almost left Taylor Bryant without a leg after she was diagnosed with a common skin infection which can become lethal if untreated.

Taylor, 26, thought a Jacuzzi jaunt would yield fond memories of hot tubs and hikes, but alas, she was left with a life-threatening skin condition that nearly left her leg rotten.

Doctors suspected she got the infection from hot-tubing her vacation away and was left with a swollen leg and blistering.

To make matters worse, she had a rash creeping ever higher up and her skin turning black and falling off.

Taylor was diagnosed with pseudomonas folliculitis, a common skin infection which can become lethal if untreated.

The mother of two said the pain she felt was unbearable and was worse than that of labor pains.

“I would say it was worse than labor. I don’t know what could be worse than that.”

She said during her vacation, she was in the hot tub every night, Sunday, Monday and Tuesday and her doctor said that was the only way he felt the infection was from a hot tub.

Taylor faced a possibility of an amputation but after two weeks on IV antibiotics, she was able to fight off the infection and is walking again but still gets emotional when recalling the pain of the experience.

Folliculitis is so frequently contracted in bubbling, heated pools dubbed the hot tub rash by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.



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