Europe’s heatwave: Woman walks around the streets naked


A woman was on Thursday captured walking naked in the streets of Britain as people do out of the ordinary things to deal with the sizzling heat.

The woman was captured on video as she walked in the streets of east London in the afternoon with nothing except her shoes on.

This comes as men in Europe’s areas affected with the heatwave are also walking around, including going to work topless.

Also, many people have risked their lives by trying to jump into the waters to ease the heat.

Meanwhile, with temperatures reaching 30C across most of Sweden this weekend, tenants have been made away that they can approach their landlords if temperatures indoors exceed 24C or 26C.

“If the indoor temperature in your home exceeds these levels for longer than this, it’s considered an “inconvenience to health”, meaning that landlords are obligated to take measures aimed at reducing the temperature. This might be by installing special blinds or applying sun protection films to windows, for example,” according to a guide.

“In cases where you’ve been living in a rental property where the temperature has exceeded these maximum levels over a long period of time, you could be entitled to claim a partial refund of rent. In other words, this applies if the indoor temperature was over 24C for at least a few weeks outside summer, or over 26C for several weeks during the summer season.”


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