Court documents have revealed how US rapper A$AP Rocky brutally assaulted a man with fists and a bottle and left him with injuries, mostly cuts and bruises and blood-stained clothes.

A$AP Rocky is facing assault charges in Swedish following a            June 30  brawl in Stockholm and has been detained since his arrest.

Even the intervention of US President Donald Trump could not help the musician who now faces at least two years in jail if found guilty.

The documents say the rapper, real name, Rakim Mayers, 30, and two other suspects “deliberately, together and in agreement” assaulted the victim in central Stockholm.

According to the 500 page document also stated that Rocky pushed the man to the ground.

The documents also include photos of the injured victim.

However, Rocky’s case has sparked a diplomatic tiff  between Washington and Stockholm with the country’s politicians trading insults on the matter.

On Thursday, prosecutors officially charged Rocky prompting Trump to send two tweets, calling on Sweden to “Treat Americans fairly!” and criticizing Swedish Prime Minister Stefan Lofven, whom he had personally lobbied, “for being unable to act.”

A Lofven spokesman responded by emphasizing the independence of the Swedish judicial system.


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