Climate activist spoiling for ‘violent protests’


Climate activist, 16 year-old Greta Thunberg has raised speculation she could be spoiling for violent confrontations in her protests after she posted pictures putting on a t-shirt associated with radicalism and associated with violent demonstrations and physical attacks.

She posted a picture with her posing in a t-shirt with radical left-wing Antifa movement imagery and calling for a national strike for the sake of climate.

Observers say t-shirts such as this one, alongside others with prints “Antifascist Action” and “Refugees Welcome” are sold in left-wing stores and are widely popular with the radical Antifa movement, associated with violent protests, threats and physical attacks.

Her pictures have been heavily criticized by many who feel her action may cause violence in the country.

In one of her recent tweets, Thunberg wrote “Time to rebel” posting a photograph of herself wearing a shirt tagged “Antifascist All Stars”.

Her t-shirt is also adorned with a five-pointed star and No Pasaran caption, (“They Shall Not Pass”), a Spanish War-era slogan popular in left-wing circles.

Others suggested that Greta “finally showed her true colours” by siding with a violent organisation.

Some went so far as to suggest that she was “supporting terrorists” and that her clothing would haunt her life and career.

She has called for nationwide strike for the sake of climate.

“The youth have already requested change, now the climate crisis requires the adults to do the same”, Greta Thunberg wrote in her opinion piece, urging Sweden’s trade unions to announce a general strike this autumn.

People have however said they will not heed her call.




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