Jehovah’s Witnesses in trouble again for screening films to children in breach of Swedish laws

The Jehovah’s Witnesses has been reported to the police for allegedly screening films to children against the Swedish laws.

The church has been convicted in a district court for showing films that have not been approved by the Swedish State Media Council but they have continued their screenings at summer rallies.

Police in April arrested a community leader who was later convicted by a district court for showing films that had not been reviewed by the State Media Council at a children’s fair.

However, the church has challenged the verdict and as they await a decision by the Court of Appeal, they continue showing the films to children.

As the police are set to investigate the church, it has emerged that the church runs a multi-million dollar film industry with the purpose of specifically reaching out to children.

Opponents have accused the church of using their screenings as a tool of indoctrination by the organisation’s opponents.

Swedish Jehovah’s Witnesses have also been criticized for allegedly not following the Convention on the Rights of the Child.

The church is banned from different countries for one reason or the other and in Sweden alone; the church has on its website at least 365 films.

The church is described as a restorationist apocalyptic non-trinitarian offshoot from mainstream Christianity with headquarters in Warwick, New York.

They believe that the destruction of the present world system at Armageddon is imminent, and that the establishment of God’s kingdom over the earth is the only solution for all problems faced by humanity.

They are best known for their door-to-door preaching, distribution of literature and films, as well as refusing military service and blood transfusions.

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