Sweden is bracing for blood shortages with cities and municipalities calling for more donors attributing the looming shortages to recent knife attacks and holidays.

Observers and authorities say the blood shortages have come as a result of knife attacks upsurge with Gothenburg recorded as the area with the most serious shortage.

As a result, authorities have made a passionate call to members of the public to donate blood and save lives.

The biggest shortage has been registered on blood groups O+ and A+.

An official at one of the hospitals was quoted as saying : “It can be trauma cases like the stabbings recently, but it can also be [due to] traffic accidents, major operations, or patients with blood disorders.”

Other affected areas are Uppsala and Gävle but their situation is not as bad as it is in Gothenburg.


Authorities also explained that one of the reasons for the shortages was the summer holidays as blood can typically only be used for up to six weeks after donations, and with many Swedes taking lengthy holidays over the summer season, regular donors are less likely to donate at this time.



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