Another boxing tragedy as Argentinian boxer dies after fight


Barely a week after the death of a Russian boxer following a fight, an Argentinian boxer has died Thursday after a fight on Saturday.

Hugo Santillan, 23,  and a super lightweight died from injuries suffered during a 10-round bout with Uruguayan champion Eduardo Javier Abreu that ended in a draw in San Nicolas, Argentina.

He collapsed as he raised his arms in celebration at the final bell, and was treated for a brain clot as well as suffering two heart attacks and kidney failure.

It comes just two days after the death of Russian fighter Maxim Dadashev who suffered a subdural haematoma during a fight in Maryland, USA.

He fell as he was being hold up by his trainers as the result was announced.

He spent five days in a coma in hospital, where he was treated for a clot of the brain after also suffering kidney failure.

Heart failure was listed as the cause of his death.

The World Boxing Council said in a statement: “’RIP Hugo Santillan.  We join Hugo’s family and friends in grief.”


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