Russian boxer Maxim Dadashev (28) has died after succumbing to injuries sustained during an IBF light-welterweight fight against Subriel Matias.

The boxer reportedly struggled to walk to the dressing room after the fight.

He was stopped by trainer Buddy McGirt at the end of the 11th round on Friday and was hospitalised with bleeding on the brain and underwent emergency surgery but failed to recover.

The Russian Boxing Federation says it will open investigations with secretary general Umar Kremlev saying there was “some kind of violation”.

“We lost Maxim Dadashev. He was our young prospect. We will fully support his family, including financially. We will complete the investigation into the circumstances surrounding this fight, we need to know the truth about what happened. This happens in any sport. I think

Dadashev was based in the US and had won all of his previous 13 fights before he was subjected to a barrage of fatal punches in his last fight with  Puerto Rican Matias during the course of the fight in Maryland.

McGirt had said afterwards he “could not convince” his fighter to stop, but opted to throw in the towel when he saw him “getting hit with more and more clean shots as the fight went on”.

Doctors reportedly diagnosed a cerebral edema after the fight and a “difficult” surgery took place, but his heart stopped on Tuesday.


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