A South African pizza franchise has added an interesting new topping that it hopes will have hungry customers leaving on a high.

The Col’Cacchio pizza company last month launched its first-ever ‘dagga-pizza’, an edgy new dish which comes lightly dressed with Cannabidiol, known as CBD, the non-hallucinogenic chemical extract of cannabis.

Col’Cacchio’s new pizza offerings are served with a dash of cannabis oil and come in meat and vegetarian options. While the chain’s new pizza contains a large enough dose for diners to feel just a light effect, it does not impair consumers, and crucially keeps their appetites satisfied.

The company says it has always looked to do something different to stand out from the crowd.

“One of our brand values has always been innovation. So we’ve always tried to stay ahead in terms of food trends, health trends, etc. And obviously CBD is the latest health trend. So, we decided to launch a pizza range that has CBD oil in it,” said Ros Mommsen, spokesperson of Col’Cacchio.

The menu, not to be confused with a weed cafe in Amsterdam, features such items as the Green Goddess, comprised of roasted zucchini, feta, basil, topped the CBD oil, and the Not-so-plain-Mary Jane, which has a spicy tomato base flavored with mozzarella, freshly cooked chicken, roasted mushrooms and peppers, as well as the special ingredient.

South Africa’s health ministry lifted restrictions temporarily on CBD products with a maximum dose of 20mg. There’s no health concerns involved with the pizza, and consumers should have no qualms about returning to work after lunch or from picking up the children from school afterwards.

“The CBD oil is the healthy component of the cannabis plant. The extract you can take is CBD or THC (Tetrahydrocannabinol). THC is what you’re going to use that’s going to make you high, whereas CBD doesn’t at all,” said Mommsen.

South Africa has seen a burst of cannabis products hitting the market, including lollipops, energy drinks and beer since it was decriminalized in September last year.

The deregulation of CBD could be a further boost for the industry, which is estimated to grow to around two billion dollars over the next few years.


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