Man drowns trying to rescue his dog as heatwave grips Britain

Two people have been confirmed dead after drowning in the heatwave gripping Britain.

The emergency services, as a result, have since urged people to avoid cooling off by jumping into the water.

Police said they have found two bodies over the past 24 hours, first discovering one man in his 20s in Cotswold Water Park who apparently drowned in a lake while looking for his missing dog during the heatwave.

On Wednesday, divers in London recovered the body of a 23-year-old man who had been swimming in the River Thames at Shadwell Basin, a disused cargo harbour.

“’There are signs all around the basin saying ‘no swimming’ and a group of teenagers were swimming in the basin at the time the body was pulled out,” a witness is quoted as saying.

Searches continue to try and locate two other men also believed to have gone under the water in the Thames on Tuesday.

Emergency services have since warned the public to take precautions during the extreme heat and have highlighted the risks of cooling off in the sea, lakes and rivers.

Temperatures in London got up to 92.7F (33.7C) on Tuesday and the heatwave is expected to continue this week with a possible 102F (39C) tomorrow.

Officials said no matter how calm and inviting the tidal Thames looks at the moment, the current is extremely strong and people are unlikely to get out again if people jump in for a swim.

“You can disappear from the surface in a matter of seconds. Even in the middle of summer, you may experience cold water shock in rivers or the sea where you inhale water involuntarily because the temperature is so low. This can cause you to drown. If you see or hear anyone else planning to jump in, please try to convince them not to do so. If you see them jump in, please call 999 and ask for the Coastguard,” an official is quoted as saying.

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