Sweden plane crash, one of the victims was ex-US Marine, veteran of the Afghanistan war  

As fresh details on the plane crash in Sweden that killed nine people emerge, officials have confirmed that a former US Marine is among those killed when their plane plummeted out of the sky during a skydiving trip in northern Sweden last week.

The US marine was identified as army veteran Benjamin Wilkinson, 26, from Michigan.

Shocking footage shows the moment the out-of-control plane plummeted out of the sky above rows of trees and the media in Sweden quotes witnesses reporting that some of the parachutists were seen trying to jump off the plane just before the crash.

Wilkinson perished together with the eight who were on board when the single-engine GippsAero GA8 Airvan plane, popular with parachutists crashed on an island on the Ume river shortly after take-off from Umea airport.

The man, who is understood to be an Afghanistan veteran, was a passionate skydiver and often shared videos of his adventures on social media.

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