A criminal from Coventry, known to be dangerous and violent, escaped from police guard wearing his pyjamas after fooling them to get him tea and biscuits.

Kieron Jenkins, 30, is said to have fled a hospital barefoot after the two officers who were supposed to be keeping watch over him left him alone following his request to the two, moments apart, to get him his request.

Jenkins had hours earlier been arrested for handling stolen goods and biting a police officer on the arm following a foot chase, a Warwick Crown Court heard.

The criminal was transferred to hospital after there were concerns on his mental health and two officers were sent to guard his room before he managed to trick them by asking one officer to fetch him a cup of coffee and moments later the other left to get him biscuits.

After three days of police chase including dispatching a helicopter to track him down, Jenkins was finally discovered three days later at his home address, three miles away.

Last week, he was jailed for 14 months after he admitted handling stolen property, assaulting an emergency worker and escaping from custody.


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