Days numbered for criminals as police introduce facial recognition technology

Days for criminals in Sweden could be numbered as police have introduced a new facial recognition technology to help identify criminal suspects.

The technique was successfully tested this spring and programmed to recognize and matches images of suspects like those taken from surveillance cameras with images of people already in the police register.

Police have a register of more than 40,000 images of people who have been detained or arrested on suspicion of crime.

Martin Valfridsson from the Swedish police was quoted as saying the new technology will make it easier for police to deal with suspects.

“It goes without saying that it takes a very long time to go through tens of thousands of photos manually, so with the technology we can do that faster,” he said.

It emerged that during the test period this spring, images of 83 unknown suspects were analysed, and around a quarter resulted in a match in the register and police want the technology to be a permanent part of their work.

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