Priest expelled over “problematic theological statements” comparing Hitler to Jesus


A Swedish priest has been excommunicated from church for comparing Germany Nazi leader, Adolf Hitler, to Jesus Christ, a statement that his church say was inappropriate with his rank.

He was found to be a member of the Nordic Resistance Movement, which advocates Nordic self-sufficiency, withdrawal from the EU and mass deportation of non-white immigrants.

The expelled Priest also accused the Church of Sweden of betraying the “true God”.

According to a newspaper from the church, the man “expressed himself, directly and indirectly, in an anti-Semitic and Islamophobic way” and “made deeply problematic theological statements.”

“The reason is he expressed himself in a racist and Nazi way that harms the church’s reputation”, Johan Munck, the chairman of the Swedish Church’s Board of Appeal said.

However, the Priest cried foul, insisting his statements were in line with democratic freedom of expression.

He accused the Church of Sweden of betraying the true God, Jesus Christ.

The Church of Sweden boasts of more than 5 million members and is known for its liberal position on issues such as homosexuality and mass immigration.



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