Police hunt arsonists after cars burnt in Lund


Police in the southern city of Lund are hunting for suspected arsonists after several cars have been burnt since the midsummer holidays.

On Monday, four cars were torched in two different areas but no arrests have been made.

There is suspicion however that the fires could have been started by one person.

Lund police superintendent Cecilia Kjaersgaard said: “It’s difficult to make any declarations, but naturally we are thinking that it could be the same perpetrator behind it, because we have had so many fires now.”

She advised people to be on high alert especially at night.

Though there were observers who linked the burnings to social unrest, police said they were struggling to identify a motive or possible suspects behind the car burnings because the city doesn’t have a pattern of the social unrest that typically accompanies this type of crime.


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