Poland snubs Sweden’s request to deport Russian man who fled with his children


A court in Warsaw, Poland has ruled in favour of a Russian Christian man who fled with his children who were taken into a Muslim foster home against his wishes and therefore will not deport him as per Stockholm’s request.

Denis Lisov fled Sweden with his three daughters and sought refuge in Poland but the Swedish government had put out a European arrest warrant for him in April.

The three daughters, who are aged 12, six, and four, were sent to live with a Muslim family in 2017 miles away from where Lisov lived and he was only allowed to see them for six hours each week.


A Polish court however ruled that the warrant was in breach of the Russian’s human rights and is therefore invalid.

“The court decided that the European arrest warrant issued by the Swedish authorities violates the freedoms and human rights of citizen Denis Lisov,” Polish judge Dariusz Łubowski was quoted as having said while delivering the judgement on the matter.

The judge apparently slammed the Swedish government for sending the children to a home far away from Lisov saying the authorities in Sweden “did not guarantee him proper rights to contact his children”.


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