A passenger died in a Delta Airlines plane after the crew failed to access a drug, Naxolone that could have saved his life.

The tragedy happened on flight 2531 from Boston to Los Angeles on July 13 and the airline, without revealing much detail, confirmed that a medical emergency took place and that flights do not currently carry Naloxone.

Sharing on Twitter, one of the passengers, Lynne Lyman says a man was allegedly found with a “needle in his arm” and “passed out” in the bathroom and paramedics took 10 minutes to arrive and carried the man out in a body bag.

The woman called out the airline and asked them to practice harm reduction, which is a set of strategies to reduce consequences associated with drug use and to make sure they have Narcan, a brand of Naloxone, on all of their planes.

“They were doing everything they could. CPR, shock compressions, those shock things,” she recounts. “There were a number of children on board who were looking. I was trying to pull my child from looking.”

Lyman says that a woman, who was either a doctor or nurse, went to help and called out, “What we need is Narcan, and there’s no Narcan.”

Sara Nelson, who is the president of the Association of Flight Attendants responded to Lyman’s Tweet, explaining that flight attendants are only able to respond and save lives if there are tools to help them.

“In the air there are no options,” Nelson wrote. “I’m so sorry for you, Lynne, and the crew and other passengers who had to watch this.”


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