Woman lures cheating boyfriend to hotel with Facebook “honeytrap”

Angela Jones from Plymouth became suspicious when her boyfriend of a year became glued to his phone.

Jones suspected her of cheating and devised a plan.

After that, she confirmed her fears by logging to her boyfriend’s Facebook and found many flirting messages with girlfriends.

Angela set a honeytrap profile with Tony’s dream woman and luring him to a hotel and after that, Angela outed him on Facebook, shaming him to all his friends and family.

This is her full story

I met mechanic Tony, 51, on Plenty of Fish in November 2016 and we chatted for a few weeks before meeting in person.

He lived around an hour away from me and, after suffering a brain haemorrhage and a stroke in August 2012, I couldn’t go out much.

Surprisingly, Tony didn’t seem to mind – and offered to come over and cook me dinner for our first date.

Tony was charming, funny, very witty and attractive.

After that, Tony would drive up to see me most nights. Soon we were in a serious relationship.

Within a few weeks of us being together, he told me that he loved me. It was fast, but it felt right.

A year later, in October 2017, Tony started to act differently.

He became distant and withdrawn, and was secretive with his phone.

One night, I decided to confront him – and he insisted he was only texting a mate.

But when I sat next to him on the sofa, Tony shuffled over and turned his phone screen away from me.

That’s when I became really suspicious.

Although he claimed I was being paranoid, I knew my nagging doubts were more than that.

I noticed Tony had accidentally left himself logged into Facebook on my iPad.

So the next day, I seized my opportunity to investigate.

After he left for work, I checked his Facebook and found a handful of flirty messages to women.

I decided to check if he was still on Plenty of Fish. I’d deleted my account as soon as we’d started a relationship and had always assumed Tony had done the same.

When I searched with my old details, I couldn’t find his account, but I still felt like he was still hiding something.

I messaged one of the women on his Facebook to ask how she’d met him.

I wasn’t surprised when she said Plenty of Fish. So I set up a new account, and searched for him that way.

He still had an account – and it was active. He’d just blocked me from seeing it.

Staring at the screen, I was furious. I guessed his password and found he’d been messaging multiple women arranging dates for the entire year we’d been together.

For my own sanity, I needed to know just how far Tony would go. That’s what I hatched a plan to catfish him.

After finding a picture on Google, I made a fake dating profile and became Lilli – a high-flying solicitor.

It didn’t take Tony long to take the bait – he messaged me within minutes of me setting up the account.

My blood boiled as he started flirting immediately – claiming he was single.

It was agony acting normally but I wanted to teach him a lesson, so kept messaging from Lilli’s account for two weeks.

Eventually it paid off, with Tony asking Lilli out for dinner.

“Book us a hotel room?” Lilli replied.

Tony seemed thrilled and immediately made the booking.

On the night of the date, I smiled through gritted teeth when Tony told me he was busy and promised to see me in a few days.

Later that evening, Lilli received a message from Tony.

“I’m here at the hotel,” he wrote. “Will you be long?”

That’s when I unleashed my revenge – publicly outed Tony for the lying, cheating rat he really was on his own Facebook.

Not only was he stood up by his ‘date’ for the night, but all his friends and family all found out exactly what he’d been up to.

Tony couldn’t deny it any longer. “Alright,” he texted. “You caught me. Well done.”

I ignored him for weeks, but it wasn’t long before he begged for another chance, swearing he’d make it up to me.

I agreed, but ultimately the trust was gone and we split for good in December.

Now I’m moving on and I know I’m better off without him.


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