Swedish politician celebrates European Parliament dream that came true

Swedish politician, Evin Incir, 35, a Social Democrat is celebrating her achievement as a Member of the European Parliament that has been celebrated as the first since the first elections to have female representatives exceed 40%.

The new European Parliament had its first session recently and about 58% of all the MEPs took their seats.

For Incir, born in Turkey before moving to Sweden at a tender age, the recent developments are worth celebrating and mean a lot politically.

“International issues have always been close to my heart. Engaged in the Swedish Social Democratic party from early on, I felt that solidarity shouldn’t see any borders,” she was quoted as saying recently.

After having failed in her first attempt in 2014, this year’s achievements were worth celebrating.

The Social Democrats received 23 % of the votes in the European elections.

“It feels awesome to be elected to the world’s largest parliament (or almost largest) and be able to work for the issues I’m burning for.”

She has held many positions of international significance including being coordinator of international party support in the Olof Palme International Center, general-secretary in the International Union of Socialist Youth (IUSY), and, until her election, deputy international secretary of the party.

On her focus, she said:”I want to focus on issues such as fundamental rights, democracy, gender equality, social justice and climate change,” she says. She looks forward to work with these issues in the two committees to which she was appointed: Civil Liberties, Justice and Home Affairs (LIBE), and Development (DEVE, as deputy).”

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