Foreign students who have been flooding Sweden for further education have expressed their frustrations in the residence permit application processes saying it was taking long and creating problems for them.

Students from all over the world have flocked Sweden for their education and the countries include those in Europe, Africa, Asia, South and North America, and Australia.

Some of the students have complained about the long processes taking long and it was “frustrating” since the Migration Agency says it should take not more 31 days but they are forced to wait longer.

“Some of us have waited for months, some two months, and some three months even more,” said one of the students who said was from Australia.

For students who leave the country without valid permit, it is difficult for them to come back without a valid permit.

“This affects some colleagues who would want to go for study-related workshops or conference out of the country,” one student said.

Others can’t therefore even visit relatives in that period.

According to the Migration Agency, applications may only be made 14 days before the expiry of the current residence permit, a new law some say was done without applying several considerations.


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