Stockholm has registered theft of more than 136 watches in July alone, a development that has sent many in panic while police say they are on high alert on the matter.

As a result of the theft of high-value watches, police say they have unleashed resources to deal with the issue while also asking people to be alert always.

A number of such cases have been reported in Östermalm district.

In a statement, police investigator Daniel Horner said the crime of this nature was now on the rise.

“We are seeing a clear increase in this type of crime. This robbery is difficult to prevent and investigate as some of them appear to be relatively well-planned. We need the public’s help in finding out who is behind the various robberies,” he was quoted as saying.

Members of the public have been advised against showing off priced possessions particularly on social media as that was attracting criminals.

Another measure to prevent the thefts, police said was to make sure doors at their homes are closed all the time after they enter.


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