At least 4000 Swedes get microchips inserted in bodies, no need to carry IDs, train tickets


More than 4,000 Swedes have been reported to have had microchips inserted into their bodies and will not need to physically carry IDs, key cards, and even train tickets, it has emerged.

The technology was introduced in 2015 in Sweden.

Former professional body piercer Jowan Österlund, came up with the technology and his firm,  Biohax International, is reportedly dominating the market.

It emerged that the microchips are also used to monitor a person’s health, store emergency contact details, social media profiles or e-tickets for events but Swedish scientist Ben Libberton said the microchips, though exciting, have issues on privacy threats.

Österlund was last year quoted as saying there was no need for different cards and tokens verifying one’s identity and therefore using a chip would mean “the hyper-connected surroundings you live in every day can be streamlined.”.
A tiny microchip inserted under the skin can replace the need to carry keys, credit cards and train tickets.

To those who have tried it, they have been convinced it is working and more are likely to use it.


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