An official investigation has been launched after a Swedish small scale plane plunged to the ground, killing nine people on board, instantly amid reports that it may take a year to complete since the plane had no black box.

Officials say they will now be forced to rely only on witness account.

The incident happened in northern Sweden in the delta of the Umeå river, when a small aircraft, a GippsAero GA8 Airvan carrying people for a parachute jump, plummeted into the ground, killing all nine people on board.

Details indicate that the plane took off around 1.30pm on Sunday and sent out an alarm at 2.12pm, shortly before it crashed.

After the crash, the wreckage was found on Storsandskär island, just two kilometres from the airport.

According to Peter Swaffer, a Swedish Accident Investigation Authority was quoted as saying: “But they don’t record what the pilot did or in what state the engine was.”

The aircraft was made in Australia, by a company part of the Mahindra Group and the group will

The Mahindra Group said it would cooperate fully with the inquiry.

Though the cause of the crash is not yet known, amateur footage showed the aircraft plunging from the sky.

Witnesses say they saw parachutists trying to jump off the plane just before it plunged.

Of the nine that died, all Swedish nationals, one was a pilot and eight others were parachute jumpers.

They all died on the spot.


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