Fury over decision to move Sweden’s International library

A decision to move the Swedish International library has sparked an outrage with people saying it was detrimental to the collection of local reading material in the country that benefits the people.

The decision will see Sweden’s largest collection of literature in different languages being moved.

It was agreed by authorities to move the collection to end the existing rental agreement at Odenplan.

Protesters are unhappy with the move, arguing that the decision to take it Kungsholmen will mean the end of the International Library, which is one of the largest collections of its kind in Europe.

Recently, there were reports that the council was citing costs and greater ease of hosting events as the main reasons for the change.

A local official was then quoted as saying the move will have bigger space for activities that include language exchanges such as those already held at many city libraries to help newcomers meet Swedes and practise the language, and readings aimed at children.

Many people are not happy with the apparent “closure” of the institution which has been the largest of its kind in Europe, is not being received by many people.

That time, more than 3,000 people signed a petition against the library’s move, including authors, publishers and members of the Swedish Academy.

The international library currently has a collection of 200,000 books in over 100 languages, and not all of these will be moved to the shelves of the new location.

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