The new law to ban smoking in public places by Sweden that took effect on July 1, was breached at the Metallica concert in Gothenburg.

Dozens of people were seen, filmed and pictured smoking at the concert despite the ban and authorities say they will ensure no such thing happens again.

According to the local municipality’s health and safety department, organisers should ensure there is no violation of the 

There was little authorities could do then but the officials say they will have to act to stop such violation of laws.

Organisers of the event, GotEvent, have been warned for failure to ensure there was no smoking at the event and ordered to do more to prevent smoking at future events.

The show was attended by thousands of people.

Sweden, as per the new law, prohibits smoking outdoors in public places, such as around bus stops, playgrounds, close to restaurants and bars, and at open air events.

Sweden banned smoking recently but the law was effective July 1.


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