Swedish man becomes first foreigner in same sex-marriage in Taiwan


A Swedish man in Taiwan has applied for the registration for marriage with his partner, becoming one of the first foreigners from the LGBTQ community to apply for that after the introduction of a same-sex marriage law in May.

The man, identified as Stefan, and his husband identified as Chin Jui, had dated for four years after meeting in Japan where Stefan was studying for his Masters degree while Chin was a tourist, appeared so much in love when they sat for their registration on Wednesday.

The two apparently have matching tattoos on their forearms symbolizing their promise to each other.

Stefan said that he timed his latest trip to Taiwan to follow the passage of the Enforcement Act of Judicial Yuan Constitutional Interpretation No. 748 as they had planned to marry.

For marriages between Taiwanese and foreigners, the act applies to individuals from any of the 26 countries that also recognize same-sex marriage, including Sweden, the office said.


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