Car manufacturing firm, Volvo has threatened to pull out of Sweden if there is no end to violent crimes.

The company CEO gave the warning as there is growing concern from government and the security services over the rise in crime that include violence and shootings in Sweden.

Håkan Samuelsson said the company was really considering moving its headquarters out of Sweden in the future because of the raised concerns. 

Police however said the situation was not as bad as Volvo was putting it, insisting the company boss was being misled by social media.

Observers say the level of crime and violence in the country were tantamount to a “small scale war”.

But the group boss said the car maker was losing its appeal to foreign experts and engineers because of the violence.

He challenged authorities to act on the scourge saying it was their business to handle such.

“We are building cars, we cannot solve the other problems, someone else must do that,” he said.

He said it has become difficult to attract workers also.

“Often people believe that decisions like these are taken by senior management or in China. But the fact is that we will only place our headquarters in a country where things work. At the moment, we are not close to such a discussion. But yes, it is something that might happen in the future.”



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