Ericson’s advise on expensive India’s 5G spectrum price


NEW DELHI: Swedish firm Ericson has stressed the need for the country to aim for longer term economic benefits from the next gen technology even if it means lower one-time upfront revenue, describing the 5G spectrum suggested by India’s telecom regulator as “expensive”.

Ericson said the proposed reserve price for 5G airwaves in India is expensive, given the health of the telecom players in India.

“If the aim is to ensure everyone gets access to 5G, telcos need spectrum at fair and reasonable price,” Nunzio Mirtillo, head of South East Asia, Oceania and India for Ericsson, was quoted as saying.

Mirtillo said making sure all telcos get access to 5G spectrum will likely yield much richer dividends for the economy through digitalization and Internet of Things that will lead to efficiencies which would eventually translate into faster income.

He said government might have to forego its one-time revenue from sale of bandwidth if it wanted speedy roll-out of the next generation technology in Sweden.

India’s Telecom Regulatory Authority of India recommends a starting price of Rs 492 per MHz of 5G spectrum in the 3300-3600 MHz band, which the industry said was way too expensive, compared to other countries, South Korea included.



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