Two of Sweden’s dangerous fugitives arrested in Spain


Two of Sweden’s most wanted and dangerous fugitives were stopped and arrested by an off-duty police officer in Malaga, Spain.

Málaga, where the two were caught by the off duty cop, is a port city on southern Spain’s Costa del Sol, known for its high-rise hotels and resorts.

Reports from Malaga say that a free service agent of the National Police arrested the two brothers aged 35 and 37 after following them upon suspecting they could be the criminals on the wanted list.

The two had European orders of arrest and surrender in force issued by the authorities of that country in relation to the kidnapping and subsequent torture of a person.

The officer is said to have recognized the two at a space full of tourists and passengers in the shopping gallery located at the Malaga train station.

With support  from security guards at the shopping centre, the agent managed to arrest the two brothers who are believed to have been armed and dangerous.

One of the brothers is an Olympic boxer and both have belonged to a well-known biker gang from the city of Goteborg.

After the arrest, they were subsequently transferred to the provincial police station in Malaga.

The fugitives, according to data of the judicial requisition, would be related to the kidnapping and torture during three days of a person in Sweden in February of this year.

The brothers allegedly injured the victim with a drilling machine and caused serious injuries, with the intention of obtaining their banking passwords and operating with them. In addition, both have different backgrounds in their country.

Later it was learned that the arrested had intended to leave the Costa del Sol that same day.


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