Malmö prepares for major population growth by 2030

As Malmö anticipates the population growth to half a million within 30 years, authorities have started preparations for the rise to make it easy for people.

Authorities say they were working to answer to questions on the city’s response to population growth including how people will shop in 30 years’ time and how will be issues of pollution dealt with then?

Malmö, Sweden’s third largest city, reached 300,000 inhabitants by 2011 and in June 2019, the population stands at 341,000.

Karl McShane, senior advisor at the City of Malmö, says: “Non-refugee immigration has increased. Even in peak years, refugee migration only made up one-third of all migration. Two thirds of the people moving to Malmö come from other municipalities in Sweden.”

He added that there was a constant pattern of movement within Sweden but at an increased volume.

“Young people move to the cities to work and study and then between the ages of 30 to 40 they move to the suburbs in Skåne. You see the same pattern in Stockholm and Gothenburg but Malmö has an even younger demographic than both of those cities,” he was quoted as saying.

Housing remains a hot topic in Malmö with supply struggling to meet the demand of the growing population.

Town planners are trying to build more new apartment complexes on top of those already constructed in the Triangeln areas of the city with continued expansion in Western Harbour.

Authorities say going forward, the town’s planners have earmarked Hyllie, which is home to Malmö Arena, and Limhamn on the city’s coast to undergo substantial development for new housing.

Another factor leading to growth in population in the city is its proximity to  Copenhagen and the two cities could get even closer if plans to extend the Copenhagen metro system come to fruition.

Also as a plan to prepare for population growth, talks began in earnest in 2018 to construct a 22-kilometre tunnel underneath the Öresund to further link Sweden with Denmark.

If approved, the first metro trains going from Malmö to Copenhagen could be running by 2035.

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