Desperate students warned against bogus landlords, accommodation cheats


Desperate students looking for accommodation have been warned by police against con-artistes who will prey on them and dupe them of the money.

Police say there was a danger facing the students of bogus landlords that ask for credit checks, payments, bank details among other things in an attempt to get into the student’s bank accounts.

The authorities say students should be wary of fake accommodation adverts by landlords that claim to be in a hurry to lease an apartment or property.

This comes as students who qualified for university are desperately looking for accommodation.

But the danger is that some fake landlords are asking students to log into their Bank ID app, and that can lead to the students being duped.

However, even if they are asked for all this, they are left with nowhere to stay.

The CEO of Stockholm Student Accommodation Association, Ingrid Gyllfors, say students are stressed at this time of year, and this leads to them making rushed and impulsive  decisions.

The bogus landlords will say the property cannot be viewed, ask for advance payments through Swish or revealing Bank ID information.

The advice as it stands to the students is: “If it looks too good to be true, it usually is.”



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