Sweden’s detention of US rapper might spoil relations

The continued detention of US rapper, A$AP Rocky, could turn political amid concerns authorities in Washington were not happy with the treatment the singer is getting.

This comes amid reports that he was being held in a filthy prison, risking him to diseases while his rights have also been violated.R

Reports say A$AP Rocky is being held in terrible, unsanitary conditions, as authorities in Sweden probe a June 30 brawl in Stockholm.

It emerged that Sweden could have violated the Vienna Convention for Consular Relations that enables foreigners detained in Sweden to immediately see an official from the U.S. Consulate.

This, officials say, has not happened and police reportedly denied the representative access when they arrived at the detention center to visit A$AP Rocky and only when that happened, it happened in the presence of two Swedish guards, something frowned upon by Washington  that said it was a clear intimidation tactic.

The rapper is being held for two weeks while authorities decide whether or not he should be charged for the offense.

The ‘F**kin’ Problems’ hitmaker has been confined to a cell in Stockholm since July 3 when he was arrested on suspicion of assault following a street fight between him, his entourage and another man, but it’s believed the conditions of the jail are “not fit for a human being” and he’s having to drink dirty water and sleep on the floor.

Officials said the facility is “inhumane” as it’s so dirty and smelly, and the 30-year-old rapper is

A$AP is being held in the cell for two weeks but his team are now trying to get the US State Department involved to get him released early.

Just before his arrest, the ‘Praise the Lord’ hitmaker shared footage of the brawl on his Instagram account, which showed him attempting to break up the fight.

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