German Chancellor, Angela Merkel, was seen shaking in public for the third time in á month but she can’t admit she is unwell.

Merkel, 64, is seen in a video footage trembling and quivering in the company of  Finland’s prime minister, Antti Rinne, in Berlin on Wednesday.

The chancellor gripped her hands as she tried to control her shaking.

For the third time, Merkel shook, and yet again, she denied that she was unwell with policians saying her health was now a matter of concern.

She said she was “very well” and there was “no need to worry” while a government spokesperson said she would continue meetings as planned.

She was last seen trembling two weeks ago ahead of a trip to Japan for the G20 summit and again told journalists at the summit that she was fine.

The chancellor was first seen shaking last month during a welcome ceremony in Berlin for Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky.

A health expert said shivering indicated an infection that was flaring up again.



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