American lawyer survive bull attack after trying to take a selfie during running of bulls

An attempt by American lawyer, Jaime Alvarez, to take a selfie to document a moment with a bull backfired after he was gored during the running of bulls in Pamplona, Spain.

The incident took place on Sunday when Alvarez, a San Francisco-based public defender, tried to take selfies to show he was running with the bulls.

Doctors who attended to him, say he is lucky to be alive as the bull’s horn severely impaled his neck and fractured part of his cheekbone.

They described as a miracle that the horn did not hit any major arteries or veins.

He apparently decided he would try to snap a selfie with a bull after he had successfully run ahead of the herd of 12,000-pound animals at the annual festival in Pamplona, Spain, before a bull charged at him and aggressively drove its horn into his neck and cheek.

Alvarez said the incident was scary.

The victim was said to be on his way to another city in Spain to watch his son play in a soccer tournament with his wife and daughter when the incident happened.

The incident happened after he had run forward and achieved his goal and only wanted to take a 5-second video scene just to say ‘Here I am, I did it.’

This was not to be after he was gored by a bull and has a bystander to thank for taking him to safety and get medical attention.

The California lawyer was then transferred to the Royal Navarre Hospital, where he underwent an emergency surgery that lasted over two-and-a-half hours.

The Running of the Bulls is a Spanish tradition at San Fermin Festival that occurs each morning over a course of eight days, dating back nearly a century ago and brings around 1 million spectators each year, including the hundreds of runners who choose to run down the city’s street course ahead of the bulls to Pamplona’s arena.

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