Men arrested for smuggling drugs into Sweden via an island


Police arrested five men who are now being charged for allegedly smuggling drugs from Denmark to Sweden via a small Ven island in the Öresund Straits.

Ven in the Öresund Straits is a popular tourist destination and was used by the five as a halfway point to smuggle drugs from Denmark to Sweden.

A semi-inflatable RIB speed boat was used to transport 28kg of amphetamines, 3kg of cocaine and 5kg of ecstasy from Rungsted in Denmark to Ven in January.

The suspects operated as a team with each having played a role in the committing of the crime with reports that a third man then loaded the loot into a hired vehicle which one of them took by ferry back to Sweden.

Prosecutors said the actions of each one of the actors in the crime played a part in the committing of the crime.

The drug traffickers were caught after a member of the public tipped off the coast guard upon seeing men offloading suspicious bags at the harbour in Kyrkbacken, a village on the west of the island.

Security stopped the boat on way back to Denmark and alerted customs authorities and the police, who stopped and searched the car on arrival in Landskrona.

The five deny the allegations.



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