Half a million Swedes sexually harassed at workplaces

A new study, the Job Health Index’s annual survey, has revealed that about half a million Swedes believe that they have been subjected to sexual harassment in the workplace.

The new survey also shows that men are harassed in women dominated work environment just like women are also harassed in work-dominated places.

The key, according to the research, is that it depends which gender dominates the workplace and the one less in numbers can be harassed.

According to the study, men who work at a women-dominated workplace are more vulnerable than the men who work in a male-dominated profession or at a workplace with a more even gender distribution.

The study says about 15 percent of men in women-dominated settings have admitted to being exposed to harassment, compared to 17 percent of women in predominantly male workplaces.

Three questions that dominated the survey were: “Whether they have been subjected to sexual harassment, whether they have experienced other types of harassment, and whether they have seen others harassed.”

Healthcare professionals turned out to be the most exposed to harassment.

The harassment, according to the Job Health Index, may come from patients and customers, fellow employees and or managers.

Sweden is known however for its position in promoting gender equality.

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