A diplomatic tiff has ensued between the United States and the United Kingdom after diplomat, Kim Darroch, described Donald Trump as insecure, inept and incompetent.

This is according to leaked diplomatic cables that have caused a serious rift between the two countries.

Outgoing UK Prime Minister Theresa May has come to the defense of the ambassador saying she has faith in Darroch and came short of saying he was simply doing his job.

May said providing an “unvarnished assessment” is an ambassador’s job.

May however said he did not agree with her ambassador’s assessment and has since contacted Washington to say the leaks were “unacceptable and a matter of regret.”

In the cables leaked to the media, Darroch warned the UK government that Trump’s “career could end in disgrace,” and described conflicts within the White House as “knife fights.”

The cable is from 2017 to date.

Darroch has found the backing of aspiring Prime Minister who is the Foreign Secretary, Jeremy Hunt, who said while he did not share Darroch’s views, UK diplomats across the world should continue to give their frank assessments in countries they are posted to.

Hunt said there will be an inquiry to get to the bottom of the leak and there will be consequences against the person responsible for the leak.

Trump has told reporters that Darroch has not served the UK well and that the two were not big fans.


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