China speaks out on fugitive “protected” by Sweden

Chinese Ambassador to Sweden says the fears that fugitives holed up in other countries will not be subjected to free and fair trials were misplaced as more than 6 000 who have returned to the Asian country have had their cases dealt with professionally.

Ambassador Gui Congyou was speaking to journalists on the matter involving a Chinese national, Qiao Jianjun, who has been in Stockholm with the Supreme Court denying he would be extradited to face trial in China.

Jianjun is accused of embezzling over 200 million yuan meant for grain purchase.

Authorities allege that after his escape from China, he laundered the money in the US, Singapore and Liechtenstein before he escaped to Sweden.

Ambassador Gui said, in the last five years, about 6,000 criminal suspects were extradited, repatriated or turned themselves in to China from over 120 countries including America and Europe and the Chinese authorities handled all the cases fairly and according to law.

He said no one was subjected to any form of torture or death penalty.

The Ambassador was quoted as saying: “What the Chinese people resent the most is corruption, and Sweden boasts itself as a country that tolerates zero corruption. We hope Sweden will not become a shelter-provider or safe haven for corrupt criminals.”

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