Broke man raped by two men after he was thrown out of a brothel


An Irish teenager says he was sexually abused by two men in a resort in the Majorcan party resort of Magaluf.

The 19 year-old told police that he was raped after being kicked out of a brothel in the Punta Ballena strip following a night out with long lost  friends.

Reports say the tourist was enticed into the brothel by two prostitutes only to be chucked out after they learnt that he had no money.

He was to meet the would be rapists after he was thrown out of the brothel through the back door.

Doctors who attended to him at Son Espases Hospital in the Majorcan capital Palma reportedly confirmed the sex attack.

The victim was supposed to leave Marjoca on Monday and police say it will be difficult to deal with the case without a formal complaint.

Police say the teenager has decided against pressing charges because he felt ashamed.


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