Author fears for the worst if violence in Sweden is not curbed

A Swedish author says there is fear for the worst if authorities do not work to stop acts of  violence in Sweden.

Björn Ranelid said the levels of crime and violence in Sweden ammounts to a small scale war that need immediate action to stop.

In the recent past, there have been several reported cases of crime including violence in shootings in Sweden with the security services saying there was need for action to deal with the issues.

He said accusing the frustrated young people for the violence was misplaced as his generation survived in difficult conditions but did not see any reason to engage in violence and crime.

“They lived crowded in outdated apartments and the economy of many families was poor, but none of my hundreds of acquaintances, friends and playmates burned cars, robbed old people or wore weapons,” he wrote.

He said the country wasi need of a a “spiritual revolution” of ethics, morality and child raising.

“It is a small-scale war that affects all people who live and live in Sweden. The supply of explanations is over,” said Ranelid.

Crimes of robberies against children and sexual violence has also risen, with a recent report saying a third of young women feel unsafe going out at night.

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