Inside US rapper’s arrest, videos show he was harrassed by locals

The arrest and detention of US rapper, A$AP, has set tongues wagging with some viewing it as a violation of his rights as videos seem to show he was actually a victim.

A$AP was arrested after a brawl in Sweden and is being held by authorities until prosecutors decide whether to press some charges against him.

If guilty, he faces six years in prison.

Apparently, a woman passing through caught the scene on tape and later on revealed in the video that, while the two men were trying to follow and stalk Rocky around, the woman and her friend crossed paths with them and the same two locals had groped them and smacked their behinds.

The star has been viewed as violent but in video recordings he posted, there were two male locals who were following him and his entourage and his bodyguards had tried to ask them to leave them alone.

However, the two Swedish men persisted on tailing them outside of a restaurant they had just been in, all the way into an alleyway and the bodyguard had been repeatedly asking them to go the other way and mind their own business.

The two persisted more, posing a security threat to the US star, and after several times of being asked not to follow them, one of the men forcefully swung his earphones at the bodyguard which resulted in them getting thoroughly damaged.

Upon the development of the events, Rocky stepped out from behind his body guard, placed his hands on both of the men’s shoulders and told them frankly that they were not looking for any trouble here, and did not want to get into jail.

The local protested about his damaged property, blaming Rocky’s bodyguard for the destruction and after an exchange of more heated arguments with the said locals, Rocky had thrown in a punch and dragged one of the men and threw him on the street.

His bodyguard had helped in and dealt with the other local who had been harassing them as well.

There is still no direct word from Rocky as of the moment, and people are also looking to the star’s publicist and team of lawyers to release a statement about the fiasco in Sweden.

No communication has been send to the US embassy as per procedure and the issue, based on videos sent, is now being seen as a human rights abuse.

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