Man convicted for harassing female cops, threatening to rape them

A Swedish court has convicted a 34 year-old man for uttering threats to rape two female police officers and using unpalatable words as he resisted arrest.

The convict, Fadi Daoud, was convicted for the 2017 crime after telling two female police officers in Norrköping to submit to Islamic state of face being raped.

He was sentenced to a brief three months in prison with fines to be paid to the two policewomen.

Police had responded to a call after the suspect was seen climbing onto a balcony and the officers were forced to subdue him after he resisted calls to take his hands from his pockets.

He is said to have uttered several words that include  ‘whore’, ‘pig bastard’ and that the police officers would submit to Islamic State because he would otherwise rape both of them.

Legal proceedings began in November 2017 and a trial date was originally set for January 2018 but there were delays in processes.

He has been previously involved in  other cases since 2001 and was previously convicted of abuse and drug offences.

Sweden has seen at least 150 Islamic State members return from fighting or supporting the terror group overseas in the Middle East, according to the security agency Säpo.

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